Board of Directors

The ICF-CT Board of Directors is voted into office in April-May of each year through a membership ballot system.  The installation ceremony is held at the final meeting of the year, usually the last Friday of May, and officially takes effect July 1st.

The Board of Directors consists of President, Past President, President Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, Webmaster, Newsletter Editor, and the Chairs or Co-Chairs of Membership, Marketing, Meeting Management, and Programs.

The ICF-CT Board of Directors for 2016-2017 are:


  • Diana Ackerley, Ph.D.,  PCC 

Past President 

  • Dina Markind, ACC

President Elect

  • Margaret Ruff, ACC


  • Dina Markind, ACC


  • Justine Daunis, ACC


  • Larry Ackerman, ACC
  • Steve Porcaro, ACC

Newsletter Editor

  • Pam DeLise  


  • Richard Stephen Janis, PCC
  • Steve Porcaro, ACC

Meeting Management

  • Naveen Ks, ACC
  • Monica Leggett, ACC


  • Peter Callahan, ACC


  • Adrienne Milics, PCC
  • Vanessa Williams, PCC