ExpiredJune Virtual Meeting – Demystifying Coaching Assessments – The Conversation Continues with Sheila Wall and Jean Stetz-Puchalski

  • Demystifying Coaching Assessments
    June 27, 2017
    7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

What came out of Chuck Presbury’s presentation on assessments in March, 2017 was our community’s interest in learning more about the use of assessments and the desire for coaches to share their own individual knowledge and experience with different types of assessments. This is an opportunity to connect and interact with other colleagues to share questions and best practices on the use (or not) of assessments in your coaching practice.

Going beyond the often asked question of “What’s the best assessment for me to use with my clients?”, we invite you to bring your curiosity and questions to this forum to explore potential topics such as:

  • Who uses assessments and why? Who is qualified to administer assessments?
  • The opportunities  and challenges of using assessments
  • When and how to administer assessments
  • Assessment choice: Sponsor or client directed vs. coach directed – how to navigate
  • Use of assessment as aligned with ICF Core Competencies: ethical considerations

There is the potential for this conversation to continue in an on-going Assessment Community of Practice to meet virtually or in-person. It is our intention to provide a forum for the ICF CT community to share knowledge and use of assessments. We hope that you can join us for this interactive discussion and that you might consider participating in an ongoing Assessment CoP. You too can have a chance to be a future facilitator to answer the question “Where and why do you use assessment in your coaching practice?”

Sheila Wall, MSW, PCC – Past President of ICF-CT – Sheila Wall, MSW, PCC is an Executive/Business Coach with 12 years of diverse, global experience as a coach, mindfulness and leadership development consultant and 18 years as a Vice President and Senior Risk Management Consultant designing and managing domestic/global risk management programs. Her experience includes design and facilitation of organizational development programs, administering assessments, including 360s and strengthening team and individual leadership effectiveness; coaching individuals to hone their leadership and delegation skills, including new leaders transitioning from management/technical positions. Sheila’s unique blend of working in business, non-profits and as an executive coach allows her to empathize with and skillfully guide clients to reduce/eliminate challenges and stressors they face in the workplace, resulting in greater resiliency and well-being.

Jean Stetz-Puchalski, MA I/O, PCC – Past President of ICF-CT




Please note: This event is free and registration will stay open until June 25th at noon, no exceptions. Those who register will receive the Zoom login information by the evening of June 26th.