ExpiredSeptember chapter meeting – Tara Healey Mindfulness

  • September Chapter Meeting with Tara Healey - Mindfulness
    September 30, 2016
    8:30 am - 12:00 pm

Introduction to Mindfulness: How the Science and Practice of Awareness Informs Well-Being and Performance

This program will explore the principles and practices of mindfulness, a concentrated state of awareness that helps people see and respond to situations with clarity. Individuals who employ the techniques of mindfulness in their work are able to monitor moment-to-moment effectiveness, respond promptly and appropriately to difficulties as they arise, and remain open to new ideas and perspectives. Participants will practice a variety of meditation techniques aimed at enhancing focus, creativity, and resiliency in all aspects of their lives. Whether participants are new to these practices or have been exploring them for years, this new perspective will enrich their understanding of this multi-layered topic.

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Upon completion of the session, participants will be able to:
  • Define and describe mindfulness, and distinguish it from other related practices.
  • Identify and locate credible resources.
  • Utilize discussed techniques in real-world situations.
  • Build the beginnings of a personal meditation practice.

Bio of Presenter


Tara Healey is the director of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care’s Mind the Moment mindfulness program.

In addition to holding an M.Ed. in Health Education and having over twenty years’ experience in organizational development, Tara is a longtime practitioner of mindfulness meditation and an advocate for the health benefits associated with its practice. Equipped with many years of practice experience and guidance at the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, MA, Tara is the architect of Harvard Pilgrim’s innovative program adapting the principles of mindfulness meditation to a corporate environment.

The comprehensive suite of mindfulness courses developed by Tara at Harvard Pilgrim include modules focusing on stress management, mindful communication, mindful leadership, mindful parenting, mindful movement, and emotional intelligence; as well as intensive multi-week courses, personalized coaching and live on-line training.

Tara has taught these programs for individuals at all levels. In particular, Tara has offered programs geared to clinicians and wellness coaches, in support of their personal well-being and to boost their ability to help patients optimize their health. Mind the Moment’s courses have been conducted at companies throughout the U.S., representing fields as diverse as high-tech, higher education, health care, finance, government, and law. Additionally, Tara has spoken about mindfulness at numerous events domestic and abroad.

Tara trains and manages the growing number of instructors qualified to teach the Mind the Moment program, and oversees the e-resources and web tools available at HarvardPilgrim.org/mindfulness.

“I believe practicing mindfulness has helped me become a better communicator by improving my listening skills and the quality of my responses.  Most specifically, I find that I am more capable of responding calmly and intelligently to emotionally charged topics instead of quickly reacting to them.”  Mary Butts, RN, Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Wellesley, MA

Tara Healey, Program Director, Mindfulness Based Learning

  • Phone: (617) 509-7497
  • Email: Tara_Healey@harvardpilgrim.org
  • Website: harvardpilgrim.org/mindfulness

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