ICF-CT Membership Information

General Membership

When you join the International Coaching Federation (ICF), you can automatically become a member of the ICF-CT Chapter. You must select CT as your affiliation.

Being a member of ICF Global has many benefits of its own. Please follow this link for more detailed information.

The benefits of membership to our chapter include:

  • Member prices for live and virtual events, sponsorship and advertising.
  • Member corner: share marketing materials of your upcoming events with attendees of the live events.
  • Opportunity for MAF benefits – (pay one price for all years’ events).  See below.
  • Participation on the Board of Directors or committees of the chapter
  • Your own directory profile with searchable options for potential clients.


MAF (Membership Activity Fee)

Open to ICF-CT members only.

ICF-CT members may save on programming fees with our Member Activity Fee (MAF) Program.  When you pay for MAF, all your fees to attend that years’ live events and virtual events run by our chapter are included.  This can mean a tremendous savings (pay as little as $12 per meeting/event). There are additional benefits of the MAF program including the Featured Coach rotation on our website, one sponsorship of a newsletter per year, and more.  For a detailed list of benefits, contact David Hasenbalg, our President Elect at PresidentElect@icf-ct.org.

Registration opens in August at the Early Bird price of $125, then on October 8 goes to $150,  and closes on October 31. The calendar year for MAF is September to August.        Go to Registration Page for MAF.

AAF (Associate Activity Fee)

All non-ICF members can take advantage of savings by purchasing the AFF program.  This will include payment for all live and virtual events for the ICF-CT chapter from September through August. The fee for the year is $295 and includes 8 live chapter events and 3 virtual events.

Registration opens in August and closes on October 31. The price is $295. The calendar year for AAF is September to August.  Go to Registration page for AAF.