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Nominations for ICF-CT Board 2019-2020 are now open!

Published on 1/29/2019

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Message from the President

ICF-CT is beginning to plan for our upcoming program year, which begins in July. The Nomination Process for 2019 – 2020 Board of Directors is now open and we invite you – encourage you! -- to be part of the process. Please suggest chapter members, including yourself, to join the board, who can help guide our chapter forward in the months and years ahead.

"Being part of the Board is a great way to share the energy we have as coaches." ~ Steve Porcaro, Technology Chair


The following positions are currently open:

  • President-Elect (previous ICF-CT board experience is required)
  • Secretary
  • Technology Chair
  • Marketing Chair 
  • Programs (2 Co-Chair positions are available) 


The board members who currently hold these positions are available to help you learn about the position, as well as mentor you when you join the board. We plan for an overlap of at least 6 weeks so that the new board members can understand their roles. 


If you’re interested in sharing your talent, developing yourself as a coach, and expanding your network – or if you want to nominate someone else for a board position – please send an email to Dina Markind, Chair of the Nominations and Elections Committee. In your email, include the person’s name, the position you believe they’re best suited for, and the reason for nominating him or her. 


We eagerly look forward to your participation!



Dina Markind, Nominations Chair


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FAQs About Chairing a Board Committee


Will I work alone or have support?

Some committees have co-chairs. Others are led by one person, but in either case, you can expect support from committee members and/or others who’ve been in your role before.


What if I’m interested but have no experience?

While experience is great, a strong interest in, and curiosity about a specific position can take you far – especially, knowing that you’ll get great mentoring from prior chairs and committee members.


What sort of time commitment is called for?

You can expect to invest about 2-5 hours a month, depending on your committee’s purpose and job. The amount of time you put in can decrease, if you are working with a co-chair or committee members. 


How long is a term on the Board?

A Board term is two years, starting in July, which is our fiscal year. 


How often and where do we meet? 

The board meets once a month, on the last Friday of the month. We meet in-person 6 times a year, and virtually, 5 times a year. Each board meeting follows either an in-person program, or a webinar.