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President's Message from Monica Leggett

Published on 12/6/2019

Hello Coaches & Friends,

We are in the final stretch of 2019, a time of year for reflection, gratitude, and celebration. 

As coaches, I feel we are true experts in the reflective inner work that makes our life fuller. As we help our clients in their reflective practice, they can become more aware of their thoughts, actions and results and impact on the world around them. It is through this process that we all achieve growth, meet challenges, enjoy wins, and find what truly energizes us and makes us whole. In turn, these accomplishments allow us to make new choices, learn new skills, and create new outcomes. What a gift!

We learn through Positive Psychology that gratitude is a life-expanding practice. Taking the time to identify what we are grateful for will increase our happiness and calm us down in the most stressful of moments. That’s the power of perspective.

As for celebration – what is life without it? Clients sometimes come to us so bogged down by negative thoughts, or the drama of their job, or the challenges they are facing, that being able to identify a win shows them that they are creative, resourceful, and whole.

We, as a chapter, have much to celebrate and be grateful for this year:

1. Our new website, (thanks Steve Porcaro!), has so many options we have barely scratched the surface. To our members – be sure to fill in your profile. We have a new benefit called “Find a Coach” that allows the public to find coaches, speakers, and trainers. We also have a “Forum” (look under the “For Members” tab) where we can communicate about topics that are meaningful.

2. In March, ICF Connecticut was recognized by ICF Global as one of the 13 outstanding chapters in the WORLD! Margaret Ruff and I were excited and grateful to represent our chapter at the Global Leadership Forum, where we enjoyed camaraderie and new friendships with coaches from around the world. 

3. Our chapter is growing in membership, programs, volunteerism, and leadership. We currently stand at 173 members strong. We had 14 in-person or webinar programs and 20 live or virtual coach cafés this year, and we have 18 members serving on the board or on committees! Wow!

I hope to see each of you at the Holiday Brunch on December 14th in Rocky Hill from 10 am to noon. We’ll be celebrating the year, making new friendships, and announcing a Hartford Coach Café starting January 8th!

I’m grateful for all that ICF Connecticut has brought to my life and I look forward to getting to know more of you in 2020. Have a safe, happy, and blessed holiday season. 


Monica Leggett
ICF Connecticut, President