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Date: 1/11/2022
Subject: What you need to know in January!
From: ICF-CT Communications

What's in Today's Email:
President's Message

Hi Fellow Coaches,

Happy 2022 from all of us at ICF-CT!

What are you envisioning for your 2022? Is there a word, phrase, sentence or powerful visual that will pull you toward a fuller version of you and your coaching business?

ICF-CT’s vision for 2022, which emerged from our Annual Board Retreat back in September, is for our Chapter to lead in two important areas:  Diversity Equity Inclusion and coaching throughout the ongoing challenges of these continually unpredictable times.

We are excited about the ways you can be part of making this vision a reality! 

Q: Do you want to bring ICF-CT further along in understanding, welcoming and including the people currently within our membership and people in the coaching community who are not yet represented or visible in our membership?

A: Have a chat with a member of DEI Committee member, Lori Candela.
A: Meet with Membership Chair, Naomi Rafalowicz.

Q: Do you want to kick your Technology skills up a notch? Enjoy ensuring a website works properly and/ or the challenge of solving an IT problem?

A: Talk with Steve Porcaro about joining the Technology Committee.

Q:  Do you have ideas about how programming can reach across the globe to bring new presenters to our Chapter? Do you love the idea of helping us learn new things in new ways?

A: Programs, Education, and Development Committee could be for you. Have a chat with Chair, Jean Stetz-Puchalski.

Q: Do you get energized hosting dinner parties or live events? Want to make our comeback into in-person meetings welcoming and our members comfortable and well fed? 

A: Contact me to chat.

My word for the year is ‘complete,’ as both verb and adjective. I will use this word as a guide for personal and professional growth in 2022, e.g., I am committed to completing my leadership goals as President of ICF-CT by June 30, 2022, and to finishing a coaching project I’ve been working on for years by the month of May. There, feel free to hold me accountable!!

Let your word of the year inspire new or continued involvement with our Chapter.

Believing in you,


January Events


This is an orientation to participate in
"Coach Triads" between Members Only

Please log in to register

Coaching Triads

Facilitated by Naomi Rafalowicz, PCC,
Life Transition and Life Purpose Coach


Wednesday, January 12, 2022
6:30 – 7:30 pm Eastern Time

Whether you have been coaching for 1 year, or 20 years:
When we first get certified as a professional coach – we stick to the core competencies with every session.  And over time, we develop our own coaching style, with its unique richness and flavor. But sometimes, as coaches, we can also begin to feel stuck in a format or routine and we want to experience different nuances and techniques in coaching that come when we can observe and experience coaching in a safe environment of our peers.  

The Coaching Triads is a cohort of three ICF CT members who want to intentionally work on their coaching techniques.


  • Embody a Coaching Mindset, by engaging in ongoing learning
  • Engage in an ongoing reflective practice to enhance coaching
  • Experience feedback and professional-level coaching from others in the ICF CT community
  • Exposes you to different models and styles of coaching
More Information and Register

More Information and Register

Virtual Chapter Meeting & Program

Power of Pause: The New Science of Brain Breaks, Stress Reduction, and Self Care

      ICF CCEUs are available for this session

With our work demands getting faster and faster, and the pressure to balance home and work continually rising, brain science has now shown that the key to our most productive, creative, and happiest selves isn't working harder, it's working smarter. The new science of micro-breaks is turning conventional wisdom on its head by showing us that as we take time out to recharge our brain throughout the day, we can actually get more done by working (a bit) less.

  • The power of pause -- and why scheduling micro-breaks charges your mental battery and how it helps avoid coaching burnout.
  • How taking care of yourself and building "stress resilience" can increase both you and your clients' productivity and happiness.
  • Why your clients feel highly distractible at 3pm and how to help them double their productivity in the afternoon.
  • Why multitasking is costing you and the clients you work with time and money -- and how to achieve focus in a hyper-distracted world.
  • The best way to structure your workday to manage stress and stay calm through even the toughest projects.
  • How the science behind innovation -- and how understanding your own brain's "deep problem solving" network --can be the key that unlocks your world-changing ideas.
  • Why the best coaches keep their mental battery charged and how they tap into states of flow and peak performance.
  • How successful coaches manage their "stress debt" by making micro-investments in their wellness throughout the day.
More Information and Register


Virtual Coach Cafés

Come and Share Best Practices!


January 19
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm
Virtual Zoom
Register Now

Registration is Required
(You will receive zoom access information after you register.)

DEI Corner

Dr. King planned to omit the “I have a dream” theme; his advisors discouraged him from using it because he had used it in the past. But he made an in-the-moment decision to override that advice. As he spoke, the gospel singer Mahalia Jackson urged him to “Tell them about the dream, Martin.”  So he did -- Dr. King actually improvised the rest of his iconic speech, speaking directly from his heart. 


As we honor him on January 17, 2022, we encourage you to learn more about Dr. King -- as a person, as a champion of humanity, and perhaps most importantly as a source of inspiration and role-modeling of leadership.  

You can get more information on the DEI Resource Page.

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