ExpiredVirtual Coaching Circle: Take Your Clients from What’s Wrong to What’s Strong

  • December 12, 2018
    9:00 am - 10:00 am

Shift Clients’ Thinking From “What’s Wrong” to “What’s Strong”
This event is open to all ICF Connecticut members

As human beings, we are hardwired towards negativity and overwhelm – especially during challenging transitions and high-stakes decision-making. That is when our clients need us most. So, what if we could help them shift their mindset from “What’s Wrong?” to “What’s Strong?”.

What if we could embolden our clients with a values-driven mindset around what is positive and powerful?

Using the scientifically validated Values in Action (VIA) Survey, this coaches circle will unpack how to identify and deploy character strengths towards meaningful decision-making and motivational goal-attainment.

Register now to learn how VIA character strengths can deepen client relationships, amplify coaching effectiveness, and increase well-being for coach and client alike. Our members, Rachel Roth and President-Elect Monica Leggett , will be leading the discussion.

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Coaching Circles are an opportunity for ICF Connecticut coaches to get together virtually to share ideas, best practices, questions and issues about coaching and business, in ways that support one another.  Get to know peers and discuss professional topics that are generated from within the group.

Every other month the Coaching Circle will alternate between “open to all coaches” (December, February, April), and “Experienced Coaches Only” (January, March, May). Think of it as a Virtual Coach Cafe with a specific topic of discussion.

This program was created to engage and support experienced coaches, as defined by having 300 hours or more as a coach. You should also have experience in the business world and/or your own coaching/consulting practice.

We’ve added “Open to all Coaches” to encourage the emerging coaches to get engaged and get to know one another.

Past topics include:

  • Is there a difference — or alignment — between your coaching niche and your marketing niche?
  • What is your average length of client engagement and why?
  • What are some best practices in current marketing strategies?

If you are an ICF Connecticut coach, PLEASE JOIN US!


 “The “Circle” is a wonderful way to stay in touch with my coaching colleagues without leaving the comfort of my office. Using video conferencing almost feels like we’re in the same room!”
– Steve P.

Typical Coaching Circle Agenda

  • Welcome & Agenda review
  • 30-Second Introductions
  • Open discussion topic:
  • Sharing best practices/ Q&A
  • ICF global updates
  • Confirming next meeting date and time


Other Helpful Information: