September In-Person Meeting

September 29, 2017 Chapter Meeting

Making the Investment in Coaching -Panel Discussion on How Organizations are Managing and Maximizing their Investment in Coaching

Panel Discussion on how organizations are managing and maximizing their investment in coaching

 1.0 CCE in Resource Development

   .5 CCE in Core Competencies (Pending)

To launch our 2017-18 program year, we are hosting the first of a series of Business Development Programs. This panel discussion will provide an opportunity for ICF-CT members to gain insight from regional business leaders and coaching service providers about the sourcing models, decision-making processes, criteria and success factors considered when evaluating their investment in coaching.

Topics include:

  • Models for sourcing coaching professionals
  • Processes and selection criteria for building a cadre of coaches, both internal and external
  • Key differentiators for both coaching firms and individual coaches
  • Processes for evaluating coaching outcomes and effectiveness

Coaches will have an opportunity to coach each other to reflect on key learnings from the discussion, and to design actions to support their clients and their coaching practice.



Allison Davis, Lahey Health. Burlington, MA.

Vice President Organizational Development. Department of Human Resources.

Scott Gingold, WJM Associates, Inc. NY, NY.

Vice President.

Deborah Hopper, Prudential Retirement. Hartford, CT.

Vice President Human Resources. Talent Development, Diversity and Organizational Effectiveness.

Sharon Malone, BeamPines, Inc. NY, NY and West Hartford, CT.



 ICF-CT Program Committee Co-chairs, Adrienne Milics, MBA, PCC and Vanessa Williams, MS, PCC

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Richard Stephen Janis

Rich Janis is a team and leadership effectiveness coach, organization development and change practitioner, researcher, adjunct faculty member, assessment and survey specialist. His areas of expertise include strategic and operational planning, workforce assessments, leadership and team development, organizational change leadership, and coaching. Workforce assessments focus on solutions for selecting, hiring, developing, managing, engaging, and retaining high-quality employees. He provides organizational change leadership assistance helping to plan, organize and prepare people for the implementation of change including new technology, business processes, organizational structures, job alignment, roles and responsibilities, leadership, skill and competency building. Rich has deep experience providing business, leadership and organization development services for a broad range of industries: medical, financial, health care, higher education, and insurance. He has worked as an internal director and as part of external consultant firms for both non-profit and for-profit organizations. A sampling of the organizations Rich has served includes Yale University, Boston University PricewaterhouseCoopers, Kaiser Permanente, Aetna, The Hartford Financial Services Company, and Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. Rich has completed a doctorate degree in Business Administration (DBA), Masters (MBA) in Business and Human Resource Management, Masters of Education (MEd) in Organizational Development, and Project Management from schools including Western New England College, American University, University of Massachusetts, Nova, Columbia, and George Washington Universities. His doctoral dissertation focused on leadership competencies and behaviors in the program and project management environment.