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FAQs about Chairing a Board Committee

Published on 3/6/2019

You have questions about volunteering on the board? 

We have answers!

Will I work alone or have support?

Some committees have co-chairs. Others are led by one person, but in either case, you can expect support from committee members and/or others who’ve been in your role before.

What if I’m interested but have no experience?
While experience is great, a strong interest in, and curiosity about a specific position can take you far – especially, knowing that you’ll get great mentoring from prior chairs and committee members.

What sort of time commitment is called for?
You can expect to invest about 2-5 hours a month, depending on your committee’s purpose and job. The amount of time you put in can decrease if you are working with a co-chair or committee members.

How long is a term on the Board?
A Board term is two years, starting in July, which is our fiscal year.

How often and where do we meet?
The board meets once a month, on the last Friday of the month. We meet in-person 6 times a year, and virtually, 5 times a year. Each board meeting follows either an in-person program or a webinar.