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Committee Member Spotlight - Stephanie Tishler

Published on 7/1/2019

This week's featured coach is Stephanie Tishler, ACC who is on the ICF-CT chapter Marketing Committee. 

Stephanie TishlerWho am I?
Hello! I am Stephanie Tishler. I was born and raised in a small New Jersey town where I grew up with a love of writing, sports, and creating meaning in the lives of others. While in high school, in addition to being a cheerleader, I also wrote a sports column in our local county newspaper where I spotlighted local athletes.

My intention was to pursue a degree in journalism at Ithaca College. I quickly discovered that I really enjoyed graphic design and sales and took a dive into advertising and marketing. I still kept up my writing by making it my minor and charging $25 to create resumes for each of my classmates. I moved to Chicago at the age of 21 to be with my boyfriend (who is now my husband of 20 years) and worked for Discovery Communications as an assistant in their advertising sales office. From there I moved up the corporate ladder working for internet startups, the former, iVillage, and lastly, my most memorable role, Along the way I was privileged to work with a Life Coach who taught me valuable skills, many of which I still use today.

Oprah often said, “When the universe whispers to you, you must listen!” So at the age of 40, when faced with a life changing loss, I decided to reinvent myself, enrolled at iPEC and became a Certified Professional Coach.

What do I do?

I am a Career Transition and Business Development Coach. I work with highly motivated, professional individuals looking to align who they are with what they do for work. I help clients looking to optimize their careers, catapult their businesses, or determine direction during challenging transitions for either.

I empower my clients to work efficiently to live effectively. In addition to giving my clients a safe, non-judgmental space to do the work, I offer perspective and insight to create clarity and energetic shifts. This often results in a higher level of confidence and communication, clarity with expectations and direction, as well as increased productivity and profits.

What am I passionate about?

I value deep relationships and quality time. I am most passionate about networking and connecting good people to each other as well as building people’s skills in a group or 1:1 setting. Nothing thrills me more than seeing results for my clients. In addition to Tishler Coaching Services, I recently co-founded a business women’s networking group called herSPACE – helping entrepreneurs rise.

I am a wife, mother, sister, aunt, and friend. I love pilates, running, barre, and yoga. I enjoy trying new foods to pair with good wine, traveling and have what some might call a shoe problem. In my constant pursuit of finding balance in my life, I embrace work/life integration and practice prioritizing daily.

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