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President's Message from Monica Leggett

Published on 9/9/2019

Hello Coaches & Friends,

LEARN, Grow, Connect, and Contribute – our chapter motto

Ah! September, it’s time for school to start again. When I think about most of the coaches I know, we seem to have one value in common above so many others – we love to learn and then to apply that learning to our lives and our coaching practice.

That is the heart and soul of our chapter – gathering at chapter events, learning something new from our presenters and from each other, and then discussing how to use that knowledge. Coming to our chapter meetings helps us to EXPERIENCE, and thus deepen, the learning.

Please join us September 27th from 9-11:30 for our chapter program, Triggers & Transformation: What's Wrong to What's Strong, led by Rachel Roth, ACC. We’ll be at the Courtyard Marriott in Shelton. If you are not already a MAF member, please consider our pay-one-price option to save you money. See MAF and AAF Upgrade options before you register.

This year, our board has decided that our #1 mission above all others, is to bring you the best programs and opportunities to continue on your learning journey. We welcome your input.

What topics or programs do you want our chapter to offer? 

We’ll be sending out a membership survey in October and we’d like to hear from all of you. Our 2019-2020 schedule includes at least 6 in-person events held in Shelton and Hartford, 5 webinars, and coach cafes in multiple locations. Knowing that it sometimes takes 6 months to finalize our presenters, your answers now will influence the programs in 2020. 

Do you want coaching demos or new coaching tools? Do you want business development programs? What niches should our programs cover?

One gap our members have mentioned is the credentialing process. Every year at least 20 of our members are getting re-credentialed and many more are getting their ACC for the first time. To service that gap, I’ve asked Dina Markind, PCC, one of our Past Presidents and a certified Mentor Coach, to act as Education Liaison for the chapter. We hope to launch a group mentor coaching program as early as October and she can also answer questions you may have. Look for a letter to arrive in your email in-box next week. If you want to get involved or need mentor coaching, please write to

One more bit of news: As winners of the ICF Global Chapter Recognition Award in March, some of our board members will be interviewed on a special call so other chapter leaders can learn from our experiences. The date is September 19th at 11am. The Zoom link will be posted soon on the website.

Enjoy the last days of summer and I hope to see you all soon.

Monica Leggett
ICF Connecticut, President