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President's Message from Judy Garfinkel

Judy Garfinkel | Published on 4/6/2021

Dear Fellow Coaches,

As coaches, we help clients discover limiting beliefs and patterns that no longer serve them. In a sense, we help them "awaken" to what may be holding them back. They may awaken to feelings they hadn't acknowledged, aspirations they were suppressing, and knowledge and intuition they did not know they have.

April is the time for awakening: after a long winter, what was dormant awakens, comes to life again. In coaching, we see clients who have been in a "winter" season of sorts, and we can support them as they enter a new spring, or growth period.  For coaches, this is a great season to grow your own coaching skills - participate in one of our chapter's events/workshops, and network with fellow coaches whether online or in person as pandemic conditions allow.  

When we're fully awake we are engaged and feel more alive. It's invigorating to take on some new skills and responsibilities, or to embark on a new adventure. 

I encourage you to awaken to possibilities in your coaching practice and to the opportunities within the ICF-CT chapter.  NOW is a great time to consider how you’d like to increase your skills, explore your gifts, and make an impact on the coaching profession - and on us - by getting involved in the chapter. Come join a committee! Nominate someone you know for one of the open board positions. It’s so much more fun when we create together – more people = more energy, better ideas, and GROWTH all around!

My door, AKA Zoom room or cellphone, is open for questions, concerns or just to chat!

Believing in you,


P.S. it’s also that time of year where you can re-up your ICF membership. Check for recent emails from ICF Global for information about how to renew and this year’s payment plans. The revamped global website has a new benefits page. Check it out.